We want to help you sell more wine.

We have an innovative suite of software for restaurants and retailers to track inventory, promote their wines and connect with consumers, all built around our core recommendation engine.

By helping to make wine less complicated for your customers, we can help you sell more wine.

We are currently in a closed pilot phase.

A complete inventory management solution, if you need it.

Your wine is a valuable asset. We offer a powerful system for tracking inventory to get more out of it.

Barcoding. We have complete barcoding support. Print and affix labels to case goods or individual bottles and scan out. This gives you complete visibility into where your bottles are going, and helps reduce loss from theft.

Locations. Track location as broadly as stores or restaurant locations down to individual slots.

Better wine list management.

Manage your wine list in a single place - and print & publish to many.
WinePad. Give your guests an interactive experience on an iPad or Android tablet.
iPhone. Our free iPhone app lets consumers pull up your wine list and filter with their personalized score.
Your website. With one line of code, your wine list will always be current.
Paper. Print beautiful wine lists with our well-designed templates.

If your guests are WinePicks members, their personalized ratings will also appear.

Increase profits with powerful reporting and marketing tools.

Get insight into an important and often overlooked part of your business. Find out what your customers like to help guide purchasing decisions. Get a handle on what wines are selling and what wines are not. Connect with your customers with targeted marketing and promote wines they will love.