Jun 20, 2012

2011 Fattoria San Felo Le Stoppie

Maremma is located in the southwestern end of Tuscany where some of the most famous Super Tuscan wines are produced so I was quite surprised to try a white wine from the same area. It is an impressive little number made from the Vermentino grape. Pick up a bottle of the 2011 San Felo Le Stoppie and see if you agree.

This week's pick is available as a Chairman's Selection for $12.99.


Now that summer is here, people are thinking more about adding white wines to their repertoire. I'm not sure how or why the consumption of certain wines has become cyclical but rather than buck the trend, I figure I might as well go with the flow.

Some of you readers may think that I have it out for Chardonnay but I don't, I just think that there are other, more appealing options if you're willing to do a little digging. Take this week's pick for instance: the 2010 San Felo 'Le Stoppie' Vermintino. While this grape is widely planted along the Mediterranean costal areas, it is enjoying newfound fame due, in part, to it's recent migration to California. Prized for its heat tolerance, this varietal is known for its floral characteristics, high acidity and balanced minerality. Think of it as a mash up of Gruner Veltliner and Pinot Grigio. Le Stoppie is a nice example of a typical Vermintino showing fresh herbs and white flowers on the nose, followed by melon and stone fruit on the palate. It's more sophisticated than a Pinot Grigio and exhibits a bright acidity that just begs to be paired with grilled seafood or a fresh pesto pasta.

What Others Thought

People were surprised by this wine, expecting it to be sweet because of the "rich, floral" nose. After the second sip though, some found it to be "a highly structured and complex" wine that was both "refreshing" and "bright". Others thought it would give a good Riesling a "run for its money".

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