Jun 13, 2012

2010 Kamiak Windust White

You oenophiles are probably tiring of me picking "cheap" wines but I am not necessarily one that subscribes to the dictum that "life is to short to drink cheap wine". Rather, I think life is too short to drink bad wine and even that is relative. So, shoot me for selecting a bargain white blend from the Columbia Valley: the 2010 Kamiak Windust White.

This week's pick is a current Chairman's Selection available for the discounted price of $7.99.


My wife was hosting the monthly meeting of her book club this week, which always seems to be less about the “book” and more about the “club”. In fact, nary a one ever has a book in hand: I guess they memorize them.

Thankfully, my involvement is usually limited to preparing some part of the meal and selecting the appropriate wine. Apparently food, wine and books go well together as the discussion of the latter seems to become livelier with ample servings of the former. I made some teriyaki chicken to accompany Deb’s panzanella both of which seemed to call for a crisp white. I picked the 2010 Kamiak Windust White for a number of reasons, beginning with the price: it’s a steal, especially when going through the better part of a case. A blend of Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc and Gewürztraminer, it is a delightful wine. There is honeysuckle and jasmine on the nose, followed by apple, pear and citrus on the palate. But what I really like is its bright acidity, which makes it a particularly good food companion. This is one wine that will be a welcome addition to my cellar for those warmer summer dinners on the patio.

What Others Thought

This seemed to be a wine that even the most dyed-in-the-wool Chardonnay drinkers would enjoy. The "vibrant fruit" and "aromatic" nose are prominent, the oak, "subtle". There is a "fair amount" of body to this wine and a "crispness" that appealed to most.

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