Jul 04, 2012

2011 Percheron Old Vine Cinsault

While it's not quite rosè time for me yet, I found an interesting wine that will bridge the gap as we head into the grilling season. I selected the 2011 Percheron Old Vine Cinsault from Paul Boutinot. It's a South African wine bottled in France that shows great promise. Give it a slight chill, pop the cork (or in this case, unscrew the cap) and serve it up with whatever you're serving on the 4th.

This week's pick is a current Chairman's Selection, a steal at $9.99.


At the risk of stating the obvious: it’s hot outside! From coast to coast this heat wave has us in a death grip with no apparent relief in site. Even the fish in my pond seem to be laying low and I have half a mind to join them.

This heat is definitely having an effect on what we are eating and drinking, as we seem to be gravitating to lighter fair. I’m seeing more salads and seafood on restaurant menus and more white wines and rosés featured on the list. Even my local Fine Wine & Good Spirits store has carved out a section of the floor for these wines where imported reds where previously featured. It’s a bit more of a challenge to find a red wine to enjoy in these searing temperatures which is why I was pleasantly surprised by this week’s pick: the 2011 Percheron Old Vine Cinsault. Grown in biodynamic vineyards in South Africa and bottled in France this wine exhibits bing cherry on both the nose and palate. It’s got a hint of spice but little in the way of tannins and you won’t miss them. I would suggest serving it at cellar temperature (meaning slightly chilled) with barbeque chicken and some fire-roasted vegetables.

What Others Thought

While a bit hesitant to try a South African red this time of year, people were "delighted" by the amount of "cherry fruit" that this wine exhibited. "Delicious" when served chilled, it "still has red wine chops", just without the bite.

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