We will never spam you.

We hate spam as much as you - we promise to never spam you. We may occasionally need to send you e-mails, but we are working to give you complete control when and how we send messages to you. We will give you the ability to turn off any and all notifications from our system.

We will never give your personal information to anyone without your permission.

We will never sell, rent or share your personal information with a 3rd party, especially your email addresses, without your express permission, unless required by law.

Any reviews you submit to our system are, by default, visible to everyone and associated with your identity. (I.e., any information on your public profile). You can opt to make your account private, which means your individual reviews will not be syndicated and your basic profile information will not be visible.

We will share taste profile and public activity with restaurants and retailers that you check in at. You can opt out of this default in your profile. If you sign in to our WinePad software, your email will be shared with the participating restaurant, as well as forementioned taste profile and other otherwise publicly visible activity. We may also provide offers based on this personal information.

You have full control over your information.

You have full control over your account and any reviews you write, including the ability to remove it from our system. You can update your account information and preferences at any time. You can destroy your account when you choose. You can remove individual reviews.

We may use your data in aggregate.

We may use your data in aggregate. For example, we may collect and share information about what the average 22-26 year old living in New York City thinks of a given wine. Specific comments you leave in reviews may be used as part of the review summary, and your overall rating will be used in the normalized score.